Friday, December 4, 2009

Carlson Update

Well, if you haven't noticed, we haven't been posting much on the blog. We have been working on selling our home and so each day we have to make sure it is show ready. It has been exhausting. Well we sold our home, it closes next week. We are excited but stressed. We are buying a new home but it is bank owned and it will take some time to finally close. It will be a little stressful as well. We probably won't get to move in until the end of January. If you haven't done the math yet, that means we will be homeless for about a month. We will spend a couple of weeks in California for Christmas with Em's family and then we will be living with some friends in Selah that lived with us while they closed on their own home. Good trade off eh???

If you would like to take a look at the link of our home and all the work we've done on it, click here. If you would like to take a look at photos of our next home and all the future work that will need to be done, click here.

Enjoy, we are excited and nervous and stressed all at the same time. We are also sad because we won't be able to decorate our home for Christmas. We love doing that and feeling the Christmas spirit. Well, we will just have to leech off of everyone else for the Christmas spirit.


Kristal said...

yay! I'm excited for you guys! It will be weird to come home and EVERYONE is relocated. Man... I want a house!

Now remember, first priority in your new house should be fixing up the guest room for Matt and I to pay you an extended visit in July, that's only seven months away!

The Rich's said...

it's good to hear about you guys! I am glad you sold your home and your off to another adventure in another home. It looks really nice!

April Carter said...

I agree with Kristal. Guest room first (:

Malesa said...

Congrats! House number two! That's so exciting. We'll be lucky to get into house number one before I turn thirty.

The Thomasons said...

Love it! Good luck with the big move in!