Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Carter Cabin

Last week we went to California for a little getaway. We were supposed to go on a cruise this week, but our cruise ship caught on fire a few months back, and they still haven't finished the repairs. My Dad had the week off from work, so he asked if we wanted to come down and play and maybe help with a few projects. We got to my parents house on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, Russ helped my Dad repair a fence and garage at my brother's house. While the boys worked, the girls shopped. We had a blast. On Thursday, we went to my grandparents cabin. We haven't been their in about 6 years. My uncle now owns the cabin, and he made a bunch of changes to the place. It looked so nice!! While we were there, we did what we Carters always do, played lots of games. Anyone that knows my family, knows that they are epic game players. The cabin is such a nice place to getaway from technology and just be together as a family. Mirian loved getting to know her cousin Shade better. She is obsessed with babies right now.

Mirian and Shade loved sharing toys

Say "Cheese!"

Bath-time for Babies ( I love clean babies!!)

The next day we went to Columbia, a restored mining town. It was fun to relive my childhood there, getting Sarsaparilla, climbing on the rocks, and of course getting an old-time family photo.

Just us girls, sitting on the rocks (and Russ too)

I love the old buildings that they have restored here

Don't mess with this rough 'n tough family

The next day, we had to leave, we were sad that it was such a short trip, but we had a wonderful time. We were sad that Scott and Olivia and their kids couldn't be there either. We missed you guys.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What??? You thought we moved to Hungary?

So we haven't been posting much on the blog lately because we have been SUPER busy. We have been remodeling the kitchen since the beginning of December and that consumes our "extra free time". We did take some time to go to Cali for the purposes of helping with projects for Em's family since they came up and helped us huge on our kitchen. The kitchen is progressing, but it definitely takes time. . . . I attached a picture so you can see some of the progress. We will be very happy when it is all finished.

The kitchen went from this

and this


We've done work since this picture, but this is the best "comprehensive" picture.

A HUGE thank you to all who have contributed on this project!!!!!! It is looking sooooooo good.