Friday, October 16, 2009

How we love Aunt Julie!!!!!

Mirian's Aunt Julie has absolutely spoiled Mirian!!! Quite frankly, all Mirian's Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins love and spoil her. Mirian's Aunt Julie sent a package with the most adorable outfits. Have a look at her adorable dresses!!!!

Central Washington State Fair

Well, not long ago, we posted about the Central Washington State Fair. Well here are a few photos from our journey. Lucky for us, the Lawsons, who are staying with us until they close on their house, got free tickets and parking for the fair. AWESOME!!!!

Oh yeah, it was cold too!!!

Fire in Yakima

Well we made the National news. The lumber mill here in Yakima stores thousands of logs outside their wood chip production plant. They also store thousands of pounds of wood chips outside their plant. Well depending on your science background you may know that wet wood combined with no air (piled up) can self combust, similar to alfalfa that is baled wet.
Well, as you can imagine, a self combusting pile of wet wood chips next to thousands of logs can create a sight. Here are a few photos of what we saw and smelled.

Watching the Baseball Playoffs with Daddy

Unless you just started following our blog today, you would know that Russell LOVES baseball. Although his team (the Seattle Mariners) are done for the season, Russ is still following the games. He is rooting for a Phillies vs. Angels World Series, however predicts a Dodgers vs. Yankees WS.

Here are some photos of Mirian and her Daddy watching the Angels vs. Yankees in the ALCS.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Headed to Rexburg

We are excited to take a trip to Rexburg, ID later this month. We will be going for Russ' old roommate's wedding in the Rexburg Temple. Adam and Kym will be getting hitched on the 24th of October. Don't they look like a great couple??????!!!!!! Let me add that Adam's mom is awesome too!!!!

While we are there, we hope to see some other friends that we haven't seen in some time. If you are going to be in town the weekend of the 24th, give us a holler. We would love to hang out. As for our old married student ward members, Collin Hunter is setting up a get together (which I believe will include Bishop Mortimer and Brother Beazer and their wives). I believe this will take place on Saturday (the 24th) evening. Let's Party!!!!!!

We are excited to see friends and show off our sweet Mirian!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Maced's Litter

New post with details of the upcoming litter for Maced. Tell your friends. Take a look at the blog for details.

Official Word!!!

Well we were wondering and waiting after sinking a few hundred dollars into projesterone testing on Maced and then two round trips to Seattle to see Maced's boyfriend. Maced is officially pregnant!!!! We had an ultra sound done on Maced yesterday and they found 7 puppies!!!! Woot Woot!!!!

Spread the word. If you or a friend are interested, check out our puppy blog that will shortly be updated with all the information necessary to buy a puppy.