Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dog Sitting

As you know, we love dogs. We love cats too, but this post is about dogs. Russ' sister-in-law Melanie's parents are in town and they brought their puppy. The family wanted to do a small two day trip together and asked if we would dog sit their puppy Gretchen. Gretchen is such a sweet mild mannered and very obedient puppy, especially for her age. She is only 18 months. Maced has loved having a friend around to play with. Maced is 6 years old and so even though she still has lots of energy, she has calmed down considerably. But Gretchen is even more behaved than Maced.

It was fun having Gretchen around. Here is a photo of Maced and Gretchen (the puppy) being so well behaved.
Oh and by the way, Gretchen is 90 lbs and is a Bernese Mountain Dog. She (at 18 months) dwarfs Maced (at 6 years). She is a little skinny for her breed. Skinny is not bad, but average for her breed at this age is about 105 lbs. Maced weighs about 50-55 lbs.


James and Audra said...

That be one big puppy!

April Carter said...

Looks like Anty Triss dog Toby

James and Audra said...

Hans wieghed 76lbs at the vet yesterday and he is less than a year old. for those of you who do not know Hans is Maced's puppy from Dec.