Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Little Mirian!!!!

Today Mirian turns two!!!!! What a complete and total Joy she has been for us!!!!!!! We love her so dearly! It was two years ago today that Russ got a speeding ticket on the way to the hospital. He even told the police officer that he was going to the hospital to adopt his new baby girl.
Newborn Mirian

Mirian on her first birthday

Mirian at 2

Mirian has a wonderful birth-mother. Her name is Kristine. Thank you Kristine for your completely selfless and loving act of providing us the opportunity to have and raise this sweet little girl!!!!

Mirian's personality is so wonderful!!!!! She absolutely LOVES kitties!!!!!! Her daddy would have preferred that she loves dogs (which she does) but she drops everything for a kitty. Her favorite movie is "Oliver and Company," because it is about a kitty. Mirian even sings along with the songs. In the car, she gets upset if we don't listen to kitty music (the "Oliver and Company soundtrack). Mirian loves babies! She has 3 baby dolls, but she could easily have a million more and be happy. She loves to change their diapers, push them in strollers and put them down for naps. she is a good little mama. Mirian also loves to read books. Her favorites are "Goodnight Moon" and any book with pictures of animals. She loves to point out the different animals and make their sounds. Mirian loves music and she loves to sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree." It is so fun to watch her do the movements and say "Copcorn." Mirian is her mommy's big helper. She loves to help out with anything that she can around the house. Mirian loves to dance, and she sure knows how to shake her little bootie. It is adorable. Mirian loves to say prayers. She always remembers to fold her arms when we sit down to eat, and she always folds her arms when we are done reading scriptures. She is a good reminder to her mommy and daddy. But one of her mommy and daddy's favorite things about Mirian is that she loves to give kisses!!!!

Today Daddy made waffles with homemade blueberry syrup for Em and Mirian's birthday breakfast. As you'll see from the photos, Mirian LOVED it!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!! We love you!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy 30th to My Beautiful Bride!!!!

Happy Birthday Emily!!!! You have now reached my plateau!!!! I've been anxiously awaiting your climb to 30 as I sit up here all by myself . . . . . . .

As I was thinking about what to post about Emily, I thought maybe I could post about the best 30 things about her. I then decided that there are too many good things to limit myself to just 30 (come on folks, up top!!!! Brownie points for me for that last comment!!!).

Finally, since I am a little biased, I decided to list several of the comments that others tell me about Emily. Most, but not all, of these comments have been made to me without Emily present so as to not embarrass her.

  1. Her smile is contagious!!! - Sherm and Irene Carlson
  2. She's our own Vanna White!!!- Sherm and Irene Carlson
  3. Russell, if things don't work out with you two, I'm next in line - Wesley B. Carlson (my grandpa)
  4. She's so happy and content - Van Holland
  5. It seems like nothing can ever get her down - Van Holland
  6. Its too bad Gertrude (referring to Emily) isn't gorgeous or anything!! - Janelle Givens
  7. Shantel (referring to Emily) looks hot - Janelle Givens
  8. Em - You are as beautiful as ever! Russ - You're have Em as your wife - Darlene Svetz
  9. Em you are SO CUTE! - Olivia Carter
  10. I love you guys, but... Emily more. - Audra Divis
  11. You are so lucky Russ to have two of the cutest girls ever living with you :D!! - Jessica Carlson
  12. The two are really cute! - Kathinka Leinz
  13. Where did you find this woman?! (this was a compliment but it could be misunderstood since it's out of context). - Abraham Wise
There have been so many other compliments given of Emily and in my old age, I just can't remember them all.

Emily is so creative and so loving!!! Everyday I am amazed by her!!!!!

I love you sweetheart and I hope you enjoy your birthday today!!!!! Live it up since tomorrow Mirian gets the attention for her birthday . . . . . .