Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snow Princess

 We finally got snow, and we were so excited to take advantage of it.  At Mirian's preschool, they had a Princess Party, so Mirian wore her beautiful white coat to be the Snow Princess.  She loved it!  Mirian doesn't have a lot of dress up clothes, so she had to wear her pink tutu.
 She made the crown at preschool.  She wore it until it fell apart.  She thought she was so beautiful in it.
 Over the weekend, we had our awesome friends the Divis' come from Spokane.  They braved the weather, just to spend a few days with us.  Since we had so much snow, we had to let the kids go sledding in the back yard.  Mirian loved playing in the snow, but not so much the sledding.

 Kitty Boots got to enjoy the snow too, but he didn't get to go sledding.  I wish I had a picture of it, but I made Maced got on the sled with me.  I don't think she liked it, but I thought it was pretty hysterical.

And here is the Panty Princess.  Lately, she has been getting out of bed when she is supposed to be asleep, stripping off her pj's and pull-up and putting on panties and a hat.  She thought she looked so cute the other night, that I had to take a picture of it.  I sure do love that girl!  She always makes me laugh! I'm going to have to show this picture to her future husband one day to truly embarrass her.

Christmas Holidays

We had such a wonderful Christmas season this year filled with fun and family.  Mirian was old enough to make Christmas really fun.  She got to meet Santa at our ward Christmas breakfast and she has been obsessed with him ever since.  Mirian still talks about Santa a month later.

 Mirian got to make a snowflake ornament at the Christmas party.  She had so much fun!

On Christmas Eve, we went to Russ' parents house for dinner and a live nativity presented by the grand-kids.  Mirian started out as a shepherd, but then when the program started, she came out as this:

Either way, she was adorable.  The kids then performed the nativity and sang songs and we all thought that we had the cutest kids ever.

 Just look at that little face!  How can you not think she is the cutest!

 That night, Mirian got to open her Christmas jammies from Santa.  She was sooooo excited because they were Dora jammies.
 Just as we were getting ready to leave Grandma and Grandpa's house for the night, we had a special visitor come to the house.  It was Santa Claus!  Mirian was so excited!  She ran right up to him and hugged him.  She didn't leave his side until left.  It was so fun to see her eyes light up.  We told Mirian that she had to go to bed because Santa was going to come back while she was asleep and bring presents.  That made her even more excited.  We had to be back at Russ' parents house at 5:45am, so we went into Mirian's room to wake her up.  Usually, it takes her awhile to wake up, but she immediately jumped out of bed and her first words were "Christmas, Santa come!"  She ran out of the room to see if Santa had indeed come.  Mirian was not disappointed.

 She ran to the fireplace to open her stalkings.  Again, her eyes just lit up with the magic of Christmas

 Back at Grandma and Grandpa's house, everyone had to line up in order of age to go open presents.  Mirian was obviously the youngest there that morning, but that made for a more magical Christmas.  She loved opening presents and would help everyone with theirs if she didn't have one to open.

 She thought all the presents were for her!

 After presents we went to Russ' parents ward, and enjoyed a lovely Christmas service with lots of Christmas singing and wonderful talks about our Savior's birth.  We then all went home for naps.
Later that evening we went back to Russ' parents and Mirian of course, had to be decked out in her new Christmas clothes, playing with her new Christmas toys.  She is at such the perfect age for enjoying the holidays.  I think this was one of my favorite Christmas' because it truly felt magical. I will never forget that sparkle in my little girl's eyes.

 The next day, we went bowling with the family.  Mirian thought it was pretty cool, she even had a better score than her mom (okay, she might of had a little help from others).

Yummy bowling alley nachos!